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10th July 2016
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Besswax Candles Package
Besswax Candles

Leopard Friendly Beeswax Candles


 Dimensions: approximately 19cm tall, approximately 3cm diameter

 Pair of Leopard Friendly Beeswax Candles

Each pair comes beautifully packed

Slow burning, aromatic, hand-made beeswax candles

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What are Leopard Friendly Beeswax Candles?

These candles are hand-made using beeswax from the Baviaanskloof (Valley of Baboons), South Africa. They are beautifully fragrant because of the abundance of aromatic plants and flowers in this region of South Africa, which boasts karoo and fynbos biomes. Enjoy them at home (perhaps with a cup of our Wilderness Honeybush Tea), or use them as a unique gift for friends!

Why Leopard-Friendly?

The beeswax is sourced from near our nature reserve, Oudeberg, in the Baviaanskloof UNESCO World Heritage Site. We work with the government and other organisations on conservation initiatives within the reserve and the Baviaanskloof mega-reserve, including ones focused on the diminishing Cape leopard population. These elusive animals are being trapped by unfriendly livestock farmers and killed. We are trying to protect them by providing safe corridors for movement and breeding, and conducting research into their populations.

A proportion of sales from these candles will fund conservation efforts in the region. Supporting and promoting the local honey farmers also shows less predator-friendly farmers that there are alternative ways of making a livelihood.


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