Promoting “citizen science”

Flowering honeybush in Oudeberg Nature Reserve
11th October 2016
Baviaanskloof Ablaze!
12th December 2016

© Photograph copyright: Craig Turner


O udeberg was proud to host 12 international volunteers today as part of the Biosphere Expedition to the Baviaanskloof. The high level goal of the programme is to develop camera-trap and transect-monitoring techniques that will enable landowners to determine predator and prey densities, as well as to contribute to the biodiversity monitoring of the area. Here you can see some of the students conducting a flush line transect to establish baseline information on smaller mammals. This kind of citizen science - as opposed to bogus "voluntourism" - is so important and we are delighted that we can offer enthusiasts the opportunity to learn and help. We are currently developing an eco-programme for next year so please do reach out if you are interested!